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      About Wanjian Machinery

      Adhering to the principle of "quality first, steady and realistic, honest and pioneering", adhering to the concept of creating value for customers, strict requirements, the constant pursuit of technological reform, excellence, in order to meet customer needs as their own responsibility

           Founded in 2004 with a registered capital of RMB 5.8 million, Wanjian is a professional manufacturer of motorcycle parts, auto parts, forklift parts, plumbing fittings and hydraulic parts. After more than ten years of experience in production technology and in line with the market demand, the company has gradually developed into a professional manufacturer of automotive brake pliers and pistons, producing a wide range of models.

         The company has all kinds of CNC machine tools, universal milling machines, centerless grinding machines,
      cold extrusion machines, Sanfeng sanji, optical analyzer, salt fog testing machine, Fisher X-ray fluorescence
      coating thickness meter, roughness meter, Vickers/Brinell/Rockwell hardness meter, contourmeter and other
      advanced processing equipment and high-precision detection equipment.


      Product center


      Product center
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