30-04-2014 Antoine Endtz

The bitcoin is hot. Not only in the Netherlands, but also worldwide. And because the bitcoin is not regulated, the subject attracts a lot of media attention. In the meantime as a retailer ask yourself, what can I do with it? [read more/react]

16-12-2013 Antoine Endtz

Exactly a year ago the European Commission published an action plan for the retail trade. [read more/react]


30-04-2014 590

Recently the district judge in Bergen op Zoom ruled on a firework experimenting engineer. This case involved an engineer whose hobby was pyrotechnics: the art of making and/or launching of fireworks.[read more/react]

01-11-2013 Antoine Endtz

Entrepreneurship is inextricably linked to the era in which you operate. The Albert Heijn store of today looks nothing like the first shop opened in Zaandam in 1887. [read more/react]

Fixed price

Endtz & Co is the first law firm in the Netherlands that operates exclusively using fixed prices.

So no more hourly rates, just one price for which your case will be handled, whether it's a labor issue or an acquisition. At the beginning of the case we will make an estimate of the costs, on the basis of this a quotation will be made. [read more]

Legal management

Endtz & Co offers in addition to the fixed price formula, a second unique form of services: legal management for retailers.

Many retailers have little or no internal legal support and therefore give a lot of business to external legal consultants. [ read more ]

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